About Me

The Accidental Photographer

The year was 2011, as my wife and I awaited the arrival of our 2nd daughter little did I know one day in particular would change my life forever. I never intended to get into photography, was more of a happy accident cause by my wife. See back then we were a point and shoot family, didn’t know the first thing about photography. At the time we were happy with our little $150 camera and capture, what we thought, were decent photos. That was until one day my wife left our little handy dandy camera out in the rain, that was the end of that. The thought occurred to me, why not get a decent “DSLR” camera with the intentions of using it mostly to capture our little ones as they grew up. So off we went shopping and ended up with an entry level Sony A390. After only a few weeks I caught the photography bug and have been at it ever since. 


Among other things I am a husband to a loving wife most wonderful wife and father to three little girls that have me wrapped around thier little fingers . . . . and know it. 

Where Else To Find Me

Pixels At The Parks 

Beyond here you can find me at many other locations throughout the vast internet including a correspondent for http://www.pixelsattheparks.com/ a web site dedicated to covering theme parks, restaurant and other entertainment venues across Central Florida and beyond.